Stimulate your Endowements

2013-11-30 21.09.41“You have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can – prepare pray and acheive- make it happen. ~ Benjamin Carson

We all are born with natural gifts and allotted talents. As we develop and are awakened to life it should be on a daily quest to develop into who we truly are instead of being who others want us to be. We should create a manifesto to stimulate our endowements this will keep us so busy that we will be so laser focused on our own endeavours that we wont get consumed, or distracted with the vision, or clutter of others.

New beginings was my first blog post for this blog in 2012. I was nervous, and not at all clear on what I wanted this blog to do. It was not to make money so clearly it was a hobby. I just wanted my words on paper hoping that someone would receive inspiration, and a glimmer of hope. I was working a full time job in the area of service, dealing with my own personal affairs, struggles, and the doors began to open in the literary world. Connections were being made I had more opportunities to blog for the U.K. to write Anthologies. The question I asked myself was am I reaching my highest potential. I had to realize that as I change my thoughts I change my realities, the same service I give to others should always be the same service I give to myself.

I had to move beyond fear and the thoughts of others. I realized that vulnerability is power, and a sign of strength. If you can succeed and manifest a dream in your dark hours imagine what you can do at full throttle present and aware. I had to be willing to let go and stand alone. I had to get still and listen to that voice that gets lost in life’s shuffle. I am a firm believer that God provides all that we need at the appointed time. Successful people consort with successful people. We are all elevated through the wisdom the we impart to one another.

I had to be willing to fail, this alone is evidence that effort was put into practice. All things start with an idea, a plan of action, and execution. Reality continues dispite the yes’s and the no”s your job is to do what you were called to do once you have become CLEAR on your purpose, and how you are going to move into it.

As I am embarking on the next phaze of my journey, I am expanding asking the necessary questions, focusing my attention on things of importance, and in that building the strength needed. The blueprint is being created to achieve extraordinary things. Join me as I relaunch this website this upcoming year to serve, and devote yourself to provoke action in all of your life areas. Stand and be the C.E.O. Begin your new beginings today with the endowements you were born with I’ll see you on the other side.

With Love
Danica N. Worthy

I am here because I want to be here. A glimpse of LeAndria Johnson!

I am here because I want to be here is one of the statements LeAndria Johnson used as she interviewed with Rhachelle Nicol. The statement alone is simple but yet powerful, LeAndria has had her share of hardships, victories, obstacles, and discoveries in her life. It is through her will to succeed, and use her life as a testament to help others that draws us to her.

Like myself LeAndria comes from a background of pastors, and ministers as parents which can be hard, and confusing to grow up in this arena. You are already required to maintain a standard of living. You are usually only exposed to things of the church, and even if it is not right you are blinded by only seeing one side of life. LeAndria explained how growing up all she remembered was church, there was no interactions with those of the world. So when she became of age like many others she delved right into Le'AndriaJohnsonNewPRImageOctober2012_2what life had to offer, and could not wait to do so. I can relate:) This is where you learn, and make your mistakes. The beauty in this is LeAndria was girded with a foundation that she could fall back on a place she felt comfortable, and where her passion lies.

LeAndria spoke on ridicule that she, and others receive from the church for being divorced, and or having children out of wedlock. Her answer was appropriate life happens and we must learn to stop judging, and pointing fingers. Look at your life work on what needs to be fixed let God exalt you, and disregard negative comments. We loose souls by our approach come as you are and let God do the molding.

LeAndria is now happily married she plays many roles in it she remains humble, and realizes where she has come from, and where she is heading.
She is a pastor, and loves to keep it real, her husband is right beside her along the way. LeAndria uses her ministry to build up the nations, as you can all see we are living in perilous times. Join me, and the world in continuing to lift her up as she works for God.

The message that I hope to convey is that your life journey can take you anywhere. It is through your entire being that a message can be imparted to deliver someone who may be traveling a road you have not to long ago seen. Your voice is your power, your obstacles builds muscle mass, I believe LeAndria exhibits this as she travels and spreads love to each of us. Bear your own cross, and find your voice, be here because you want to be.

Thank you Rhachelle Nicol for the oportunity to recap on my blog. Thanks LeAndria for sharing parts of you with the world. Readers if you have not check LeAndria out at &

I Love you all,
Danica N. Worthy

We are the champions! Cancer/DomesticViolence

2013-10-01-16-36-22-2005163424I can remember my vacation in Cozumel Mexico a beautiful place. Every night there was a show and the performers would close each night singing we are the champions. This trip was well needed myself and a family member had battled health issues, and this was are moment to embrace the beauty of the world, and realize that we were really the champions those guys sung about.

October is the month that Cancer/ Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence is recognized. We all can identify with either being solely affected, or infected by the diseases. I have an 8 inch scar on my right breast that reminds me of breast cancer. I have a sister friend who I watch succumb to the disease in hospice. I had a grandmother who died, and had cancer. Cancer is an epidemic that needs added attention. Through new technology, education, resources, outreach, and awareness we can wholistically approach cancer. Cancer changes your outlook on life just think a group of sells that becomes it’s own entity invading your body, and building its own camp inside of you. Treatment is suppose to help, but to many it makes you feel worse, or kills. Cancer has no respected person it is attacting children, women, and men. After spending just one week in hospice with a friend any denial, or blinds eye view went away. This is where things get real, decisions must be made, your physical body begins to change, and shut down. It is a struggle for the fighter, and heart breaking for the families watching, and waiting. Through it all I am reminded of all the champions of cancer.

Domestic Violence affects everyone there are many aspects of violence, physical, mental, verbal, non verbal etc. Domestic Violence affects 1 in 4 women and is either overlooked, excused, or denied. Victims live in fear of leaving their abusers from fear of retaliation, or obligatiin, and a sense of loyalty. If you notice warning signs please find a SAFE place, and connect with your local DV hotline. I counseled at my local Alternative for Battered Women’s Shelter for women & children and I again was reminded of the champions of domestic violence.

What can you do to bring awareness to Cancer/ Domestic Violence us by learning about it, and sharing the knowledge with family, and in your community. Take a proactive stance when it comes to your health. Be knowledgeable about insurance , and treatment options. In domestic violence cases be aware if warning signs, devise a plan, have emergency contacts. If you know of someone suffering reach out, and be a active.

So as we recognize Cancer/Domestic Violence remember you are the Champions. In any given moment let your mind elude you to that happy place like Cozumel Mexico, where you can be strengthened. View the beauty of the island, the trees, clear water, your own sacred place. Be strong, and Courageous as we are all in these fights together.

I Love you all,
Danica N. Worthy

Don’t get stuck in the mud of desire. Your change is coming!

imagesDesire according to the webster’s dictionary is to wish, and want for something very strongly.

Can you remember a time wishing and or wanting something so badly that you became engulfed in that very thing. Desire a strong feeling and emotion that if we are not careful we can loose ourselves, and neglect doing the work it takes to make the things happen that we so very wish for.

In my life I wanted to do multiple things. At times I felt confused or frustrated when things were not going as plannned. Through growth, and the many aspects of life I realized that I was not at all clear on what I wanted and needed. I was just doing wanted things done, to make a name for myself, to prove the nay sayers wrong. What evolving and oneness has taught me is that we must first become clear on what our desires, passion, and purpose is before we move forward. Once that is established we plan, prepare, and execute. One thing I know for sure is that you never know who is watching you, believing in you, or ready to present an opportunity to you.

Be prepared!

Opportunities come when we least aspect it, and some come as a lucky gem that is bestowed upon us…dont squander it.

Have you ever became frustrated with a job you were doing when the out come did not fit your expected desire? Raising my hand !!! I have, and still do. I scream, curse, get annoyed etc. But the lesson in that for me is to remain deligent know that things take time, and you have the power, and authority to shape your desired outcome. Regroup, remain focused because the frustration can, and will remove you from purposeful alignment.

Eliminate distractions!

Distractions comes in many forms to remove you of task. Be strategic, and stick to what is required for you to manifest. Will this piss people off? Yes! Be able to walk away or you will be consumed.

Realize that you are never losing anything the universe will yield to you as long as you are open to the positive energy flow. The things that are removed from you are for a purpose creating a path to your greatness, and awakening what lies dorment inside of you. Take desire and create that vision that you have dreamed of for so long, this may open other doors for you.

Don’t hold on to the things that no longer serves you, and your goals. The bigger picture becomes clearer everyday. Be insightful, seek wisdom, this prepares you to master what has already been predestined for you. I believe in you, and I believe in me lets grow create and move beyond our desires creating what has always been silently waiting for you. Ase’

Danica N. Worthy

In your fear lies strength of a lion! Roarrrrrr

2013-09-15-13-53-58--1762770449“Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s inspiring others to move beyond it.~Nelson Mandela

In my life I have been blessed to be raised among strong women who exhibit great courage in their everyday lives. I have always been amazed, and captivated by a resilent spirit. Someone who can build them self up after being torn down, or the ability to appear picture perfect while juggling the pivots of life. Someone who has the ability to lead, learn, grow without limits.

I have always been one of few words growing up, I wrote them, and observed everything around me. A habit I carry with me today. One of the reasons I chose to be quiet was of that of fear, being a introvert, and wanting to obsorb as much as I could. I didn’t know if my wisdom, thoughts, and understandings would be understood. As I evolve I learned that fear stifles your growth, and prohibits you from providing your gifts the love, time, and energy it needed.

Have you felt fearful of just being you? Have you felt unworthy to show the world how great you are. I realized early on that I was a motivator, my friends came to me for advice, and assistance. The gifts had been passed down to me but I was not ready to acknowledge or step into the role of being the great I AM. I had to open my eyes and realize that I had always been walking in my path, I just needed to step out of the boat and walk on the water; activate my faith. There is a saying that your gifts will make room for you, as we remove ourselves out of the way and allow our spirits to develop.

Think of all the things you have been through in your life……Embrace that for a moment. In my life there has been many it will take two books to tell you. Do you realize how strong you truly are? Challenges are away to expand our hearts, and minds. It also changes your perceptions, prejudices, and so on…

Are you living in fear? We know that fear is an emotion but we can counter attack fear with love and the reinforcement of faith. Accomplishing whatever you set out to do while staring fear in the face with a calm confidence opens the doors to the reality of you greatness.

I love you all

Danica N. Worthy

Activate your goals!

2013-09-05-18-07-03-1721068650Affirm: I am accomplishing my goals by putting forth the effort, and diligence to complete my task. I am filled with energy, and building momentum to run my own race~ Danica

There is beauty in creating goals, and putting forth objectives that will ensure you are successful in achieving them. The worst thing you can can do is set a enormous amount of goals for yourself without a plan, vision, or curriculum. For many years myself, and friends wrote our goals down, and continued to live our lives by working hard, caring for our families, experiencing unexpectant emergencies, and disaters. So we never really got a chance to develop, or build on our goals. On girls night six months later we would find ourselves sipping wine revisiting our vivid detailed pieces of papers that we had brought no life to. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?

These instances continued to happened to all of us us until we on an individual bases learned that you have to keep your dreams alive by objectivity. You must be willing to become lost only to discover life’s hidden treasures.. You have to make sacrifices that requires devoting your time, and you must remaing hungry. I’ve learned that just as I was formed in the womb for nine months, and became born, I was still not developed. I apply this thought to my goals, and life. I take joy in the capacity of being, and becoming. By eliminating doubt, worry, and fear leaves only room to chip away at what I put in front of me. If I never fill as though I have arrived, I will be in a constant state of evolving, learning, risking, losing, and winning.

Practicing patience is the key in seeing your goals manifested. Knowing first that all you need, and desire resides inside of you will further prevent you from having a wondering spirit. Everything has its natural progression as we freely give in to the things that are beyond our control, polish, and,refine what we can. This is the begining of our sucesse story, take charge and and make your goals active.

I love you all

Danica N. Worthy;)

Reflections! Happy Birthday to me!

By three methods we may learn wisdom: first by reflection, which is noblest; second by imitation which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest~Confucius

It is my birthday 35 years, I have been blessed with the gift of life, and through grace, and humility I take joy in reflecting. The passage above resonated deep in my spirit, I am aware that my life journey is my own, and I have the power to paint new and improved pictures with the lessons from the experiences that I have had the privilege to partake in.

Life changing moments has been my platform, I have encountered many. From the start I was born with a unique amount of wisdom, and a tongue that was sharp as a knife, or sweet, as a honey combs kiss. I regrettedly had to learn the lesson of thinking before speaking, and not lashing out due to emotional reactions.

I learned about resilience from my mother, and grandmother these great powerful women taught me the meaning of gratefulness, humility, unconditional love, leadership, loyality, honesty, deligency, non judgements, and maintaining your dignity. My grandmother was our matriarch our angel a spiritual being that everyone loved, she was indescribable, and full off power. My mother a woman of strong ethics, had her share of hurt, and heart ache is strong willed. She has the ability to lead a nation while learning because she studies. I learned from these two great women that you are never inferior, you are born equipped, and life, preparedness, and cultivation is what carries you. I learned the art of speaking not to be heard, but felt. The art of teaching, and the importance of learning.

I learned about loss after losing so many my grandmother, our protector, my son at birth a loss that no mother should ever experience. My dad who was my best friend, two best buddies, and a friend that I had the priveledge of sitting and watching her transition suffering from cancer, we had our lumpectomy’s on the same day. She was so brave she made death yield to her, and left on her own terms. Her death gave me the courage to not be afraid of any of my challenges. It taught me the meaning of full circle, and why some of us move with urgency in our lives.

You may ask why I talking about all of this stuff. Well my point is life is for the living, and everyday will not be peaches, and cream. You make due with what you are giving, and you aquire more. All of my life I have been loved, I used my life to uplift others. From the start of my career I have been counseling, giving, and learning myself. I tapped right into my resilency, and hit the ground running. Do I get, tired, weak, upset, annoyed? Hell yes. I am human, I am not perfect, I am a perfect imperfection. I am clothed in God’s love, I am spirit filled, and a vesel gifted here to do the work that I am passionate in doing. That is Inspiring you;)

The greatest gifts you can give yourself is acceptance, forgivness, mastering the art of loving without conditions. Utilize everything inside your soul, mind, emotions, and spirit. In life you will learn lessons from your experiences, this adds wisdom, embrace it. You will acquire knowledge, and in time you will come to understand it all. These are the things that promotes patience, and are great virtues to build your character. You dont have to wait until your birthday to acknowledge how wonderful you are start now, you never know who’s life maybe touched by sharing parts of your journey. Allow your visions to manifest through diligence, and persitence. Don’t allow anyone to hinder you from achieving your goals. Focus, be driven, and you will gain momentum.

As I celebrate my birthday I stand on the backs of those who assisted me on becoming who I am. I stand in gratitude for every aspect of me. I stand looking at my reflection in the mirror, and I’m loving up who I see, Happy Birthday Danica Nichole Worthy :)

P.S. That’s just another glimpse of me:)

Keep Living (Guest Author LaDonna Marie)

I have always gone through life wanting all the answers and trying to rush, and make things happen. I know many of us have tried to control our way through many situations, life, love, and work. Most of the time leaving us feeling so defeated, out done, and tired. I had to learn throughout all my growing pains, that as I kept living God says not our will but his will be done.

I started to change my mindset and work to get my life in line with God. I found out each day my load began to get lighter. It is written that my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. After I kept toiling with the idea, I then understood that God had already put a plan of action in line for us to follow.

So as I keep living each day with God on my side, I learn so many lessons that God is teaching me. Even in my poetry, he has made it that I am able to touch others hearts, and enlighten them through different perspectives. I strive each day to do good, show love, and encourage others. In this walk we never who we may need your smile, and kind words.

Finally stepping back and letting God lead my path, has become my day by day strength. I am learning that all things work together for the good of those who love Christ Jesus. In our journey we may not have all the answers right now, but if we seek the king he will make our crooked paths straight, and that’s a promise.

No Worries
Jesus taught me to trust him
No matter what it looks like
He helps me to understand
He has my best interest in mind
He gives me discernment
To become aware of my surroundings
To follow he helps by giving me strength
He is all knowing
He provides me with infinite wisdom
He counts my tears
He knows my fears
His reply to me is my child
I got you No worries~LMB

Twitter: @LMB_poetry


Build strong relationships, but first check your agenda!

“Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness, and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of reward. Your life will never be the same” ~ Og Mandino

In life we come in contact with many people some in passing, and others we build long lasting relationships with. Have you ever thought of your actions between you, and the people you meet? Do you wonder what impressions, or vibes you have left with a person. I work with people living a life of service, and I always want to have my feelings, and agenda checked at the start. I realize that first impressions are a lasting one, but I am also aware that first impressions can be 1/10th of who the person truly is so in building relationships I rely on reciprocity, love, and truth.

In life we get what we give so if you are sending out negative attention that is what you will gain. If you are making connections with people question your own motives. If you make positive connections uplifting each other without worry of how you will benefit you are setting the energy of the universe to be in your corner. We all are equipped with gifts, talents, accessibility, and favor what we do with what we have is vital to our exsistence.

Did you know you can achieve more by doing more, and by edifying others? You can also achieve more by knowing your own individual power; utilize it to catapult you to where you need to be, and when you get there reach back and grab two others.

As you develop and know thyself this allows you to know, and reach others. Check your agenda as you establish relationships ensuring your intentions are pure. This is a everyday thing because life, and accomplishments can bring about ugly emotions so one must medicate the mind and be of a positive disposition knowing that your destiny awaits you.

Just as we undergo self breast, or prostate exams, we must examine our relationships. How do you do this you ask? I will name a few and by all means develop some of your own.

1. Check your intentions, and be clear and honest from the start

2. Set clear boundaries, and adhere to them.

3. Be aware that relationships change as we grow, and travel we may drift apart but would have gained a lesson, and blessing from the connection.

4. Be in the best interest of people see how you can give not get.

5. Continue to establish a since of self. Maintain who you are while growing into who you want to be.

6. Connect with those who lift you higher, and see the best in you.

I love you all,

Danica N. Worthy2013-08-24-21-27-42--955072674

Alone but not alone

images-4Alone with my thoughts embracing the emotion of the moment. Have you ever look over your life, and felt that it has past you by? There were times that I felt this way. It was not until I learned how to grow through life that I could appreciate that sacred time. In silence there is strength that allows you to feel, and become in tune with your senses. I believe that at times it can be scary to be alone with our thoughts because our mind tends to wonder. This is the perfect time to find peace, and embrace it. I find that in stillness my soul comes alive, I am drawn past my intellect, and in a state of euphoric spirit.

I realized when I pull back from the rush, and expectations of the day I can tap into peace. When I hear that still voice of God who dwells in me I am aware that all things are in divine order, I no longer feel the need to control each situation. I realize I am at liberty to let things be as they may. Have you ever tried to pull away from chaos and become alone just you? Free to be heard, to establish a bond with your higher self. Meeting your self head on takes practice but is necessary for your personal development, happiness, and well being.

When I am alone I cry not in sadness but I allow my soul to clear away the debris from each and every experience, encounter, positive, or negative. I breathe deeply, and exhale knowing that I am uplifting every aspect of me to a higher dimension. Do you want to go higher? If you answered yes take your moment and step away from distractions and first embrace that you are a blessing. Think about how far you have came, and look beyond the horizons to see where you are going. Think about how many lives you have touched, reach beyond the surface of what everyone else sees and love what you find. I promise you in your alone time you will find that you are never truly alone God is always standing by.

I love you all
Danica N. Worthy